Radio Interviews with Marie Richardson

Marie Richardson Interview abot the Film Känn ingen sorg Mix Megapol, Äntligen Morgon

18 June 2013
Känn ingen sorg premiere.
In Swedish
10 min. 15 sec

Topics:New film: Känn ingen sorg
Håkan Hellström
Adam Lundgren
Emotions (when watching a film)
New play at Dramaten "Jag försvinner."
Marie Richardson Interview about the Play Tribadernas natt P4 Premiär med Annika Jankell

15 June 2012
Tribadernas natt [Night of the Tribades] premiere.
In Swedish
16 min. 19 sec

Tribadernas natt [Night of the Tribades]
Siri von Essen, Strindberg, Marriage
Being an actress
Work and leisure
Eyes Wide Shut
Being married to an actor
Tip: learning a script.
Marie Richardson Interview about the Musical Dirty Dancing P4 Extra med Lotta Bromé

14 February 2012
Dirty Dancing premiere.
In Swedish
19 min. 20 sec

Film-to-stage process
Saying lines on the exact beat
"Somewhere Else" (movie)
Small town life
Mother-daughter relationship
Siri von Essen.
Marie Richardson interview SommarRadion P4 Väst

7 July 2011
Interview over lunch.
In Swedish
31 min.

Challenging oneself
"Dirty dancing" musical 2012
Looking ahead
Working with Jakob Eklund
Diversity among directors
Gertrude in "Hamlet"
"Våra vänners liv" TV series.
Marie Richardson hosting the Book Award Show romanpris11 Sveriges Radios Romanpris

8 March 2011
[Literary Award 2011]
In Swedish
MP3, 44 min.

Marie Richardson talks to writers Kristina Sandberg, Magnus Florin, Aino Trosell, Beate Grimsrud, Peter Törnqvist och Oline Stig [part of a longer sound clip].
Marie Richardson talks about the Kubrick Movie Eyes Wide Shot with Tom Cruise P1 - Kulturradion: Kino

20 December 2010
In Swedish
7 min 23 sec.

"Eyes Wide Shut"
Getting the part
Secrecy, not seeing any script
Tom Cruise, Stanley Kubrick.
Marie Richardson talks about TV series regicide, Kungamordet and Våra vänners liv Studio Ett

11 November 2010
In Swedish
12 min 32 sec.

"Våra vänners liv" TV series
Type casting
"Kungamordet" TV series
"Eyes Wide Shut"
"Någon annanstans i Sverige"
Marie Richardson radio Interview about the Chekhov Play the Cherry orchard Körsbärsträdgården

3 June 2010
In Swedish
2 min 34 sec.

"The Cherry Orchard"
New version
Premiere at the Chekhov festival in Moscow
Marie Richardson meets a fan Panorama # 9, 2009

Meeting a fan at Dramaten
In Swedish
MP3, 8 min 47 sec.

First film "Lysande Landing"
"Eyes Wide Shut"
What does it take to become a good actor
Working with Jakob Eklund in the Johan Falk movies
Watching movies as a blind person.
Marie Richardson Interview about the Play All About My Mother, Allt om min mamma P4 Mötet, 12 November 2008

In Swedish
MP3, 19 min 44 sec.

All om min mamma [All About My Mother]
Pedro Almodóvar
Adapting a movie for the stage
Different artistic effects on the screen/stage
Emotions, mourning
Seeking authenticity
Family life
Meryl Streep.