Recording an audio book is highly skilled work which requires talent, meticulous preparation and experience. The ideal gender, age and voice character of the reader will of course depend on the book in question, but the person who records the book must have a pleasant voice and be able to master linguistic accents, tone, local dialects, foreign accents, know how to pronounce proper names, as well as giving each character an appropriate and unique voice according to gender, age, social background, personality and state of mind, so the listener can easily distinguish one character from the other. Sometimes there are passages from songs in the book. The reader must not only know the melody but also be able to sing it! At the same time the reader must not be the centre of attention but should only help facilitate the contents of the book. Most often, this work will be done by an actor. Apart from being trained in all of the above, an actor’s name will help sell the audio book.

You also need to be well-prepared. Perhaps it turns out during an interview with a witness in a crime story that a certain character appearing a hundred pages earlier in the book sounded as if he came from Västerås. It would be an advantage if this character’s lines recorded earlier were consistent with this fact. It is difficult and time consuming to edit out background noises such as the sound of the turning of a page in the book. Consequently, some actors have added the end of a sentence by hand on the bottom of right hand pages, in order to avoid turning the page in the middle of the sentence. Lots of other hard work behind the finished product. Below you'll find a list of some of the audio books Marie Richardson has recorded. Please note: all the audio books below are in Swedish.

Audio Books read by Marie Richardson

Audio Books Read by Marie Richardson
Photo by courtesy of StorySide
Onsdagsondska Jonas Moström Lind & Co. 2018 Sample
Allt du önskar kan du få Anna Jansson Tiden 2018 Sample
Dottern Maria Gustavsdotter Historiska media 2018 Sample
Vi möts på museet Anna Youngson Etta 2018 Sample
Din vän Forsete Christina Erikson Bonnier Audio 2018 Sample
Fyrmästaren Anna Ihrén Word Audio 2018 Sample
Änkorna på Österlen Sara Paborn Bonnier Bookery 2018 Sample
Döden är alltid sann Anna Jansson Tiden 2018 Sample
Vasadrottningen Karin Tegenborg Falkdalen Historiska Media 2018 Sample
Silvervägen Stina Jackson Bonnier Audio 2018 Sample
Mellan himmel och hav Anna Fredriksson Bonnier Audio 2018 Sample
Vitt ljus Kerstin Wixe Polaris 2018 Sample
Gröna fingrar sökes Annika Estassy Norstedts 2018 Sample
Allting trasigt ska bli helt Johanna Mo Bonnier Audio 2017 Sample
Vänd om och var stilla Johanna Mo Bonnier Audio 2017 Sample
Döden tänkte jag mig så Johanna Mo Bonnier Audio 2017 Sample
Et jävla solsken Fatima Bremmer Bonnier Audio 2017 Sample
Tannie Marias stora utmaning Sally Andrew Storyside 2017 Sample
Heden Petrus Dahlin Rabén & Sjögren 2017 Sample
Brunnen Petrus Dahlin Rabén & Sjögren 2017 Sample
Flykten Petrus Dahlin Rabén & Sjögren 2017 Sample
Vi mot er Fredrik Backman Bonnier Audio 2017 Sample
Trogen intill döden Jonas Moström Lind & Co. 2017 Sample
Kidnappningen - en släktsberättelse Anna Schulze Bonnier Audio 2017 Sample
Hon som kom före L. P. Delaney Bonnier Audio 2017 Sample
Eldpojken S. K. Tremayne Lind & Co. 2017 Sample
Blod på dansbanan Anna Jansson Storyside 2017 Sample
Mocka Tatiana de Rosnay Sekwa 2017 Sample
Nässelvrede Solveig Vidarsdotter Lind & Co. 2017 Sample
Det du inte vet Anna Jansson Nordstedts 2017 Sample
Björnstad Fredrik Backman Piratförlaget 2016 Sample
Tannie Marias recept på kärlek och mord Sally Andrew Storyside 2016 Sample
Isvittring Solveig Vidarsdotter Lind & Co 2016 Sample
Midnattsflickor Jonas Moström Lind & Co 2016 Sample
Rädslans fångar Anna Jansson Norstedts 2016 Sample
Offshore Aino Trosell Tundell Salmson 2016 Sample
Ett vet jag säkert Oprah Winfrey
Translated by Helen Ljungmark
Bookmark Förlag 2015 Sample
Blodssystrarna Michael Mortimer Norstedts 2015 Sample
Dominodöden Jonas Moström Lind & Co 2015 Sample
Järnblod Liza Marklund Piratförlaget 2015 Sample
Istvillingar S. K. Tremayne
Translated by Cajsa Mitchell
Lind & Co 2015 Sample
Allt att förlora Sabine Durrant
Translated by Moa-Lisa Björk
Lind & Co 2015 Sample
Alla kan se dig Anna Jansson Norstedts 2015 Sample
Alltid för er: en sann historia Cecilia Berglund/Gunilla Lindh Lind & Co 2014 Sample
Britt-Marie var här Fredrik Backman Partners in Stories 2014 Sample
Himlen är alltid högre Jonas Moström Storyside 2014 Sample
Skymningens barfotabarn Anna Jansson Norstedts 2014 Sample
Lyckliga gatan Lisa Marklund Piratförlaget 2013 Sample
Gamla synder - 5 noveller Doris Dahlin Tundell Salmson 2013 Sample
Dans på glödande kol Anna Jansson Norstedts 2013 Sample
En tiger för en ängel Anne B Ragde
Translated by Margareta Järnebrand
Earbooks 2013 Sample
Uppdrag Sweet Tooth Ian McEwan
Translated by Maria Ekman
Earbooks 2012 Sample
Krimineller Aino Trosell StorySide 2012 Sample
Agnes Cecilia Maria Gripe Bonnier Audio 2012
Min bästa tid Jane Fonda Bonnier 2012 Sample
I Stället för dig Sofie Sarenbrant Massolit 2012 Sample
När skönheten kom till Bro Anna Jansson Nordstedts 2012 Sample
Radionovell - Kärlekens Schema Aino Trosell SR P1, 13/12 2011
Mästarprov - Noveller för Världens Barn 2011 Lagerlöf, Lindgren,
Strindberg, e.a.
Alkemins eviga eld Anna Jansson Norstedts 2011 Sample
Drömmen förde dej vilse Anna Jansson Norstedts 2010 Sample
God natt min älskade Inger Frimansson Norstedts 2009 Sample
Jag vill inte dö, jag vill bara inte leva Ann Heberlein Earbooks 2009 Sample
Först när givaren är död Anna Jansson Norstedts 2009 Sample
Covers Ett hopp för livet Wilhelm Agrell Massolit 2009 Sample
Månvarv Alice Sebold
Translated by Ulla Danielsson
StorySide 2008 Sample
Emma, Mias dotter Maria Erikssoon Earbooks 2008 Sample
Innan jag dör Jenny Downham
Translated by Helena Ridelberg
StorySide 2008 Sample
Stum sitter guden Anna Jansson Earbooks 2008 Sample
Inte ens det förflutna Anna Jansson Norstedts 2008 Sample
Lärarinnan i Villette Ingrid Hedström Alfabeta 2008 Sample
1222 över havet Anne Holt
Translated by Maj Sjöwall
Piratförlaget 2008 Sample
Profitörerna Leif G. W. Persson Bonnier Audio 2008 Sample
Tre deckare Camilla Läckberg
Björn Hellberg
Anna Jansson
Earbooks 2007
Ondskans leende Marianne Fredriksson Norstedts 2007 Sample
Alla de stillsamma döda Anna Jansson Earbooks 2007 Sample
Pojke försvunnen Anna Jansson Nordstedts 2007 Sample
Den som gräver en grav Yrsa Sigurðardóttir
Translated by Ylva Hellerud
Damm 2007
Oskuld och erfarenhet Tracy Chevalier
Translated by Anna Strandberg
Damm 2007
Decamerone Giovanni Boccacio
Translated by Sven Ekblad
Bonnier Audio 2007
Silverkronan Anna Jansson Nordstedts 2007 Sample
Noreas saga Marianne Fredriksson StorySide 2006 Sample
Främmande fågel Anna Jansson Norstedts 2006 Sample
Evas bok Marianne Fredriksson StorySide 2006 Sample
Kains bok Marianne Fredriksson StorySide 2006 Sample
Må döden sova Anna Jansson Earbooks 2006 Sample
Svart fjäril Anna Jansson Norstedts 2005 Sample
Döden är en Schlager Ann-Christine Bärnsten Norstedts 2005 Sample
Dejtingleken Danielle Steel
Translated by Inger Wadman
Damm 2005 Sample
Damen med enhörningen Tracy Chevalier
Translated by Anna Strandberg
BW, Wahlströms 2004
Drömmar ur snö Anna Jansson Norstedts 2004 Sample
Solstorm Åsa Larsson Bonnier Audio 2003 Sample
Tulpanfeber Deborah Moggach
Translated by Lena Torndal
Bonnier Audio 2001
Eldstungor Minette Walters
Translated by Cecilia Franklin
Bonnier Audio 2000